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Property PSL provides web-based professional support for commercial property lawyers - an on-line PSL service. The service is managed by Alan Riley, who is widely known in the property profession as an experienced provider of professional support and information services and in-house training to commercial property lawyers.

ABOUT THE SERVICE The PSL service includes:

Precedents: Property PSL provides an extensive suite of commercial property precedent documents, available for download as Word documents, and maintained, managed and enhanced on a current, up-to-date basis. You can view the range of precedents currently available by clicking on the precedents button at the top of the page. The range provided by the service expands to meet the needs of its subscribers. You can contact the service to enquire about the range of precedents by using the contact tab at the top of the page. You may want to sample some of the Property PSL documents. For examples of the type, content and style of precedent documents and support information this service provides, click on the links below:

  • AGA (with drafting notes). This is a PDF file containing extracts from an AGA, giving an example of how drafting notes appear in Property PSL support documents.
  • Option to Purchase. This is a Property PSL developer's option to purchase linked to planning. It is in Microsoft Word format. Please bear in mind the health warning appearing on the first page.
  • Transfer of part clauses. This is a PDF file showing Property PSL transfer of part clauses. Again, please bear in mind the health warning appearing on the first page.
  • Underlease of whole. This is a Property PSL underlease of whole in Microsoft Word format. Again, please bear in mind the health warning appearing on the first page.

All precedents are maintained for your use on an up-to-date basis. You will see in the right-hand margin of the precedents library an indication as to when each individual precedent page was last updated. However, you need not worry that a change may be made to a precedent document without your knowing about it. Where any substantive change to a precedent document is made, a news item will be posted on the website. So long as you have subscribed to our RSS feeds - and for many beneficial reasons, we strongly recommend that you do - you will receive an automatic notification. We will not notify you of non-substantive changes to documents (e.g. margins altered; comma converted to a semi-colon!)

Support: Property PSL provides back-up support resources for each precedent – including fully referenced supporting versions of each precedent, explaining the underlying purpose behind each document, and suggesting points of market acceptability and possible amendment. You can contact the service about the content of precedents, or points raised in drafting notes, by using the contact tab at the top of the page.

Legal information: Property news in the form of the CPI Update. The Commercial Property Information Update is an e-update which, for many years, has been providing practical insight and comment on commercial property law and practice developments to hundreds of commercial property lawyers throughout the country.

ABOUT ALAN RILEY Alan Riley is a Property Law Consultant who specialises in providing professional support, training, precedent and legal information services to commercial property lawyers – combining practical know-how gained from life as the in-house property support consultant for Halliwells LLP, with training experience collected from over 15 years of training all levels of the property profession. Since 2003, Alan has been publishing the "Commercial Property Information Update." In the past, Alan has co-written books on "Leasehold Liability - A Guide to the 1995 Act" (Jordans) and "Commercial Property and Business Leases" (Jordans). Most recently, Alan has contributed to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Handbook on stamp duty land tax. Contact Alan by using the contact button at the top of this page.

ABOUT PROPERTY PSL LIMITED Property PSL Limited is a company incorporated in England & Wales. Company Reg. Number: 6500965 Registered Office: The Cottage, Long Lane, WAverton, Chester, CH3 7RB.