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Waiver of forfeiture by using CRAR

In Brar & Brar v Thirunavukkrasu [2019] EWCA Civ 2032, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that the exercise of the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) procedure will operate to waive a subsisting right to forfeit a lease.

SRA Standards and Regulations: contract races

The Solicitors Regulation Authority introduced new Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019 to replace the SRA Code of Conduct 2011. The Code of Conduct had itself replaced an earlier 2007 edition and, before that, the old Solicitors Practice Rules 1990.

Baker v Craggs: fundamental land law under the microscope

We do not get too many cases in which section 1 of the Law of Property Act 1925 is at the heart of the decision. In Baker & Anor v Craggs [2018] EWCA Civ 1126, the Court of Appeal has overturned the 2016 High Court decision (see CPI Update Issue 153 – January 2017).

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For how long will AGA liability run?

The Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 had, as its primary aim, the abrogation of the unjust rules of privity of contract in landlord and tenant law whereby a landlord could pursue a tenant for unpaid rent long after the tenant had assigned its lease.

Apportioning rent: Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas

One of the features of the recent Supreme Court judgment in Marks and Spencer plc v BNP Paribas Securities Services Trust Company (Jersey) Limited [2015] UKSC 72 was the unequivocal approval of the Court of Appeal decision in Ellis v Rowbotham [1900] 1 QB 740 on the liability of a tenant to pay, in full, rent reserved quarterly in advance.

Why landlords should really think about securing a release

The recent case of Reeves & Downing v Sandhu (2015) Ch D 13/01/2015 demonstrates why it really is a good idea for a landlord to seek a release from further liability to its tenant where the reversion is transferred.

Recent Q&A

What is meant by the phrase “public auction” in the exceptions to section 2 LP(MP)A 1989?

What is meant by the phrase “public auction” in the exceptions to section 2 LP(MP)A 1989? Is an online property auction a public auction?

Notice to Quit under s27(2) L&T Act 1954

1. Can a tenant serve Notice to Quit by e-mail when holding over on a commercial lease?
2. Do the Lease provisions or statutory provisions on Notices govern service in such cases?

Does an easement include a right to make a roadway?

Is it a rule of law that, where land has the benefit of a right of way, the dominant owner enjoys implied right to construct a useable road over the servient land?

Recent CPI Archives

CPI Update 192 - May 2020

The May 2020 issue of the CPI Update deals with the following cases:

  • Using section 56 LPA 1925 for enforcement of covenants - Kensall v Khoury.
  • The implications of an overriding lease - Lupin Ltd v 7-11 Princes Gate Ltd & Princes Gate Partnership LLP.
  • Interpretation of contracts giving a discretion - Kwik Lets Ltd & Ors v Khaira & Ors.

...and much more...

CPI Update 191 - April 2020

For subscribers, the April 2020 issue of the CPI Update deals with the following cases:

  • A rights to light case (with an injunction) - Beaumont Business Centres Ltd v Florala Properties Ltd.
  • The extent of a building for enfranchisement purposes - L M Homes Ltd & Anor v Queen Court Freehold Company Ltd.
  • Reinstatement as the basis for an insurance claim - Endurance Corporate Capital Ltd v Sartex Quilts & Textiles Ltd.

...and much more...

CPI Update 190 - March 2020

The March 2020 deals with the following cases:

  • Nuisance not available for the protection of privacy - Fearn v The Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery.
  • Applying the Mannai test to defective statutory notices - Pease v Carter.
  • Waiver of forfeiture by demanding rent - Faiz & Ors v Burnley Borough Council. 

...and much more...